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I’ll never forget when a particularly hard-nosed colleague said to me, “Jenny, you’ve got a great blank page mind. You can start with next to nothing and come up with f*cking good creative.”

After dropping my phone and picking it back up, I offered thanks and assurance that the sentiment would hit my website.  So here we are.


Here’s the thing: I don’t do boring. I don’t do white noise content. In fact, I’d prefer never to use the word “content” again. I know words matter. I know listening to people matters. Simply put, I work smarter, better, and always with perspective and humor.


My best skills are writing, creative concepts, public speaking, and most importantly, connecting with people. 


Check out samples of my work here on the website or LinkedIn for my experience and feedback from a few folks.  


Better yet, send a little work my way, and let me show you what I can do.

So how about it? Let’s come up with some f*cking good creative.

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